Negotiating Diversity: A Field Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity

The 1992 United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity is concerned with pursuing the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources. These issues are of critical concern to indigenous peoples and local communities around the world. However, there is a lack of information on areas of the Convention that are of direct relevance to indigenous peoples and local communities and decisions taken under the Convention may appear complex or irrelevant.

Negotiating Diversity is an international field guide to the Convention that is designed to assist indigenous peoples and local communities seeking to engage with the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Field Guide explores key areas of the Convention which concern the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities and identifies opportunities for engagement with the work of the Convention from the local to the international level. The Field Guide is a work in progress and will be updated to include recent developments. The Field Guide forms part of the wider Indigenous Biodiversity Information Network (IBIN) initiative to strengthen communications, information dissemination, and the participation of indigenous peoples in the work of the Convention.

It is hoped that the Field Guide will contribute to the translation of the Convention into a form that is readily intelligible and meaningful to the peoples and communities in whose hands the future conservation of the world's biodiversity ultimately rests.




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Negotiating Diversity

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